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we have two Bushcare groups in our area
The Cudmirrah Berrara Group Started in 2003 and the Swanhaven Dyball Reserve Bushcare commenced in October 2018
Both groups are looking for volunteers.

The Cudmirrah Berrara group meet on the 1st Saturday morning of the month at a site to be determined and the Swanhaven Dyball group meet from 2020 on the 3rd Saturday morning at the carpark in Dyball Reserve near the toilets and BBQ Starting time in generally 9am for both groups.

 More information for the Cudmirrah Berrara Bushcare contact Beverley Endicott 

and for Swanhaven Dyball Reserve Bushcare contact Samuel Dunnett  

by emailing the Progress Association at top of page  by clicking on the "click here" tab, or contacting the Webmaster who will put you in contact with them

  All you need is a hat, a pair of gardening gloves, closed in shoes and  wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt.  We have to remember the ticks. Insect repellent is a good idea along with sunscreen if needed. We stop for morning tea so you can bring along a thermos if you wish.

Bushcare has made an amazing difference to the parks and dunes removing Cassia and Asparagus fern the worst garden escapees in our area. It gives a lot of satisfaction to our members to see the difference we make.


Dyball reserve         bushcare break              
     The start of Dyball Reserve Bushcare group        Morning tea Break at Kirby's beach

Cudmirrah Berrara Bushcare Group

Our Bushcare group was established by the Association  in 2003 and has been running  successfully under the brilliant organisation of Beverley Endicott  our Bushcare Co-ordinator  and Alisdair Stratton Shoalhaven City Council’s Bushcare Co-ordinator.

We meet on the first Saturday of the month at a number of different sites around Berrara and Cudmirrah. If you are interested in joining this group, email us : click here  

  bsearly    bushcare06  

  2003 Bushcare workers planting out at Berrara Creek Reserve and     Berrara Creek Reserve December 2007

Firies and Bushies

                                     Cudmirrah Berrara Rural Fire Service supplied the "Bushies"
                                       with water for new plants at the Reef Reserve Cudmirrah.

 after fire   

 January 2001 Berrara Creek Flat Reserve immediatly after Bushfires
Dead trees had to be removed - a result of theBushfires

after bushcare

  Same location but after Bushcare  November 2005.

 On the 7th October, 2006, our Bushcare Group,thanks to a lot of hard work by Beverley Endicott our Bushcare co-ordinator and Alisdair Stratton from the Council, were advised that they had gained an Envirofund Grant for their project the " South Cudmirrah Beach Community Dune Restoration Project".  The amount is for $23,050.91  and will be used to have trained workers remove the Asparagus Fern, Cassia and other garden escapees from the dunes behind homes on Collier Drive.  This will be carried out in two stages.  
Our Bushcare group will be doing a letter drop of homes in this area to make them aware of what will be happening and hopefully recruit more Bushcare workers for the long follow up work to ensure that regrowth does not take place.  Anyone who lives or walks in this area will be well aware of the weed problem.

  envirofund day

Bushcare Information day held 1.12.2007 in Third Ave Cudmirrah as part of education courtesy of the
Envirofund Grant.

in action

Bushcare members in action

Further work is still proceeding and in 2014 we have had an additional grant given to us and we have bush regenerators working in Third Ave Reserve behind the Caravan Park and back to Koolyn Drive, removing cassia and the wall to wall asparagus weed. 

Bushcare always needs new people to come and join us.  It is a worthwhile volunteer job that returns a lot of satisfaction.