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About Us - History of our Progress Association

The Cudmirrah Berrara  Swanhaven Progress Association History

This association was started in January 1985 as the Cudmirrah Berrara Progress Association, after Harry Sawkins, who was the Mayor of  the Shoalhaven at the time, suggested to Ron Smith that a public meeting be called to start a Progress Association in this area. This was done and the committee elected were Ron Smith, President, John Grant, Secretary and Russ Jackson, Treasurer.  The first member to join and pay his money was Mayor Harry Sawkins .

Over the years, the Progress Association has formed working committees to mow reserves, put in concrete paths and steps to Berrara Cove and Berrara Creek, purchased play equipment for local parks and worked tirelessly for the community.

Dunecare was formed in 1988-90 and members worked removing  bitou bush, replanting dunes etc. It has now closed down.

 In January 1995 the Cudmirrah Berrara  Progress Association  called a meeting of Cudmirrah Berrara  and Swanhaven residents, to start the separate group that was incorporated as the:

CBSRAG Cudmirrah Berrara Swanhaven Residents Action  Group Inc.
to fight the  "Mega Tip" that was planned west of our villages in what is now National Park. 

 This Association finished its designated work  in January 2000 and after many meetings, it was agreed that the two Associations be aligned by the CBSRAG Cudmirrah Berrara Swanhaven Resident Action Group, changing its name to the Cudmirrah Berrara Progress Association Inc. 

Our Bushcare group was established by the Association  in 2003 and has been running  successfully under the brilliant organisation of Beverley Endicott  our Bushcare Co-ordinator  and Alisdair  Stratton Shoalhaven City Council’s Bushcare Co-ordinator. Work has been carried out in Berrara Creek Reserve, Errol Bond Reserve, on Kirbys Beach and Third Ave Reserve, which is ongoing. The Bushcare group obtained an Envirofund grant in 2006 to remove asparagus fern and Cassia from the dunes behind homes in Collier Drive.  Further removal of same weeds has taken place at Berrara under a different grant. On the 1.12.07 this Bushcare group conducted an information day for residents at the Third Avenue site.
Bushcare meets on the first Saturday of the month at a number of different sites around Berrara and Cudmirrah. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact us.

The progress association run the Clean up Australia campaign every year in Cudmirrah Berrara area.

       On the 30th March, 2007 the Cudmirrah Berrara Progress Association Incorporated became the:


This decision was not taken lightly, but comes after at least five years of lobbying by members who live in Swanhaven asking us to reflect in our title  the representation of Swanhaven as well as Cudmirrah and Berrara.  At our meeting on the 27th March, members voted in the affirmative for the change of name. There were also 22 proxy votes supporting the special resolution.

History reports of the Association

Below is the Annual report for 1987 written by RonSmith our first President.


It is with pleasure I submit the third Annual Report of our Progress Association.

There have been nine meetings during the past twelve months. One in May was abandoned because of no quorum and in July, the meeting was canceled  because of weather problems and lack of any urgent business.

At long last, the speed signs have been moved from the bridge Cudmirrah to a  position further north. We had asked that they be positioned further along  the road for greater safety but we must be thankful for small mercies.

Two meetings during the past year were held on Sundays during holiday  periods.  These proved popular and enabled holiday home owners to attend and  voice their opinion.  I am pleased to report that at both these, Alderman   Paul Bland was in attendance and answered many questions.

We suffered a tragic loss with the death of our Mayor, Harry Sawkins.  He was our Number One member and had always displayed great interest in the  Association.  There are a number of candidates standing for the position in  the September Local Government elections.  Harry Sawkins will be hard to  replace.

Work is proceeding with the sewerage scheme.  We were represented at a  meeting in Sydney in June with a number of conservation groups as well as  Sussex Inlet and Swanhaven P.A members, in an endeavour to have the work  completed.  The only argument is to where the treated effluent will be  discharged.   Meetings are continuing on this matter.

Our Reserve Management Committee has erected more playground equipment and  our thanks to Bob Quealey and to Kellys Hardware of Ulladulla for making  this possible.  We have continued to care for the reserves. There has been  some vandalism over the holiday periods with the stair railings being demolished one night and the lookouts have again been attacked.

We have a new District Engineer.  He is Dave Aber and is from Huskisson  Office.   Tony Green is looking after the southern areas.  We have met Dave and talked over the problems of the parking areas in the reserves.  Also  have discussed money needs as far as other accesses go.

Finally I would like to thank all members for their support and help over  the past year.  Special thanks to John ( Grant ), Russ Jackson ,  Frank  ( Lloyd ), Syd ( Edwards ), Lawson and Bob (Quealey).

Due to my heavy commitments with the RSL this year, I find it not possible  to carry on in the position of President.  I must therefore decline any  nominations this year.

Thank you,

Ron Smith,
Cudmirrah Berrara Progress Association.